Tuesday, January 11

No Cookies (Well, ONE) But Going Live Anyway!

No Cookies on a Cookie Blog?
The Horror!

Oh the intentions.
Oh the distractions.
Oh the excuses.
Let's skip them all - shall we?  It's me we're dealin' with here - and if you know me - you ain't the least bit surprised.  See The Intro.

Jump to today!  Hooray for today.  Ok, well not really, but I'm trying to look at this as a blessing in disguise. The kids were hoping for a snow day.  Well, they got to stay home, but there's no snow.  Instead, we had an issue to tend to.  So I'm typing and waiting for the laundry.  It's nice that laundry takes time.  But having to do this many loads for this reason - well, not even close to my favorite.

However!!!  (And here's the exciting part.)  This means I'm home.  Not moving boxes.  Not cleaning elsewhere.  Not at work (which I don't work regularly anyway).  Home.  With some time on my hands ta' boot.

Blog work!!!

It doesn't mean I'll be getting to the kitchen anytime soon though.  My island has been a mess for over a week.  Still need to find homes for all the things I had to bring home from Mommy's.  All that unopened mail and a dish or two from those quick eat-and-run meals.  Oh, no.  The canvas must be clean before the artist can create.

I do have cookies all picked out.  I honestly do.
And I have a new page to design too.  Exciting!

When I started this project, my plan was for it to be cookies, cookies and nothing but the cookies - nothing personal.  But I recognized today that a "No Cookies" entry is better than no entry at all.
(At least for me.  I don't know about for the readers.  But there aren't any of you yet anyway, so hehe!)
And besides, how dry would that be?  No personal depth?  No "get to know your host" blogs?  We'll see how it goes.

I'd planned on having 3 entries up before going live this past Saturday (1/8/11).  But as you can see that did not happen.  I am going to step out on a limb and share the link on facebook tonight though so I can build the pressure!  I tend to work better under pressure.  And then, -maybe- if there are readers, I'll feel more obligated to say "No" to other things to make time for the cookies.

Cause you know, it's all about the cookies.


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