The Texts

The Ultimate Cookie Book (Not the Better Homes and Gardens version) -- A giant book given to me by my brother Ken Christmas 2009.  The deal was I was supposed to send him cookies from the book...
I never made a single batch.  Sorry Ken!

He'll be on the list to receive some this year though.

The Golden Book of Baking -- Also a book given to me by Ken Christmas 2009.  This book has only a small section of cookie recipes.  The rest is made up of cakes.  Small cakes, butter cakes, layer cakes, yeast cakes....  too bad I don't do cakes!

Mrs. Fields Cookie Book -- Both my mother and I have a copy of this book.  Mine has long since lost the cover and many of the pages are stained with colored sugars and spotted with melted butter.  This is my well used cookie basics book.  Again, I've only ever used a handful of the recipes.

Professional Baking -- This is the actual text from the community college classes.  It also has a small section on cookies, but I haven't tried many of them so we may pull from here at some point.

The Hershey's Chocolate Cookbook -- I picked this book up at a second-hand store years ago.  I've pawed through it several times but haven't used any of the recipes.... Yet.