Wednesday, April 20

Q = Quad Chocolate Chip Cookies

For the longest time, it was my ultimate goal to create the "perfect" chocolate chip cookie.  Looking back, I wonder how I ended up becoming so obsessed with this particular cookie.  I was not (and still am not) fond of the chocolate chip cookie.  I'll eat it, and usually they're good, but they're nowhere near my favorite.  It's possible that this may have been the beginning of my greater obsession with baking.

Saturday, April 16

N = Neapolitan Cookies

This was a tough one.  I've made neapolitan cookies using two different cookies.  The sugar cookie recipe I use works well but I've also used the shortbread mentioned in a previous blog.

Friday, April 15

M = Messed Up Mochi

A few of you have actually been waiting for this.  That's exciting to me!  But I'm feeling sort of sheepish 'cause when you find out the secret to this one you're gonna smack your forehead.

Wednesday, April 13

L = Lemon Blizzard Cookies

Ok dear readers.  This is it.  This is the first time I'll be sharing one of my signature, self created recipes with the world. (Or at this stage of the game, 16 readers!  =D)

K = Krispie Treats

Did I just choose a super cheesy and easy topic for K?  Why yes I did.  I wanted to talk to you about variation.

Tuesday, April 12

J = Jam Filled Shortbread

Yesterday someone reminded me that I shouldn't be giving away recipes if I plan on opening a bakery someday.  This comment has burned in my head from the beginning.  While I do someday dream of opening some kind of little cafe or midnight munchie spot, I had to face the reality that I'm not really revealing secrets to very many people at the moment.  And honestly, I don't know if you can plagiarize a recipe.

Monday, April 11

I = Italian Herb Bread

This bread originally came from the little recipe book included with one of the Oster bread machines. I didn't own it, but I loved the bread and many years after the bread machine got packed and moved away I went looking for, and found, this recipe.

Saturday, April 9

H = Hard Rolls (aka Cheese Rolls)

One of my very favorite things about attending the University of Oregon was grabbing a cheese roll on my way to class.  There were other highlights, but not being an academic and not really being "all there" I had to grasp on to simple things.  (I really had no idea what I was trying to accomplish while attending, of course, am I ever really "all there"?)

Thursday, April 7

F = Fudge

When I was a kid, our next door neighbor would always send over a tin of fudge for Christmas.  Wait, not a tin, I meant a pie tin.  It came wrapped in aluminum foil with one of those paper red or green bows on top.  It wasn't pretty, but it was by far my favorite gift from anyone, ever, each year.

Wednesday, April 6

E = Egg -- Substitute

I love a baking challenge.  I like the idea of being able to take a favorite recipe and share it with people who have special dietary needs.  Whether you're allergic to eggs or are vegan, this little combo has proven to work well for all baked goods.

Monday, April 4

C/D = Croissant vs. Danish Dough

Coming soon!

I messed up the dough on this one and haven't gotten up the nerve to try it again yet.  It usually takes me a bit to recover from a mistake.  Like my psyche needs time to fully comprehend where I went wrong and process how best to approach the problem so the mistake does not occur again.

Or we can just chalk it up to fear of failing again that keeps me from moving forward.

Either way, I will try it again before the month is over.

Saturday, April 2

B = Banana Bread

I have a bonus for you with this one.  I have 2 recipes for banana bread that I love equally.  One of my requirements from a banana bread recipe is it must contain more banana than sugar.

Friday, April 1

A = Apple and Pear Compote

I'm starting off our recipe log with my very favorite, super versatile, Apple Pear Compote.  If you never get around to making anything else I post on this blog, seriously, make this!!  The 2 steps are simple and so very worth the amount of time it takes to prepare.  And for those of you who love apple but get tired of it paired with the normal spices, this recipe is flavored with vanilla!  Originally stolen from

April's Recipe A - Z

What very cool timing!  I was expecting to share some recipes this month, and there seems to be a phenomenon going on here with this whole A - Z blogging thing.  It seems the perfect chance to use that format to share some recipes.