Wednesday, January 26

Bread Craving

I found I've been craving homemade bread recently.  I kept thinking I hadn't been doing any baking, but I realized, I just hadn't been baking cookies.  I've been baking bread about twice a week.

While attending classes at the community college we worked with an instructor that had spent many years as the head baker for the University of Oregon (there are some added details so that isn't totally accurate, but I don't remember them so don't get all persnickety if you know who I'm talking about.)  Anyhow, he shared with us the amazing cheese roll recipe.  They were my favorite and so I've made them a couple times here at home.  You never got them warm from the oven on campus, but obviously that's the ultimate way to enjoy them!  If there are any left, they can be stored in a plastic bag to keep them from hardening.  To enjoy the next day, simply slice them in half, (which ever way you prefer) pop them in the toaster oven for a moment and proceed to spread with butter.  Which, if you have heated them long enough, will melt the butter.  Melted cheese + melted butter = heaven.  Not the most health or weight conscious food out there I'll warn you.

I made these with Tillamook (always Tillamook in our house) Vintage Medium White Cheddar.  They're usually made with regular cheddar, couldn't tell you which brand they use on campus.  Always a favorite.

The next craving involved an old bread maker, an old boyfriend, and recipe I dug around for for years.  I've never owned a bread maker.  Yeah, they're convenient, but I have hands.  I feel like I'm cheating just using the Kitchenaid.  The bread maker was a gift to the old boyfriend from his father and it came with a booklet of recipes.  Our favorite was the Herb and Cheese loaf.  Years after the cravings for the boy had disappeared I began searching for the bread.  It's also a family favorite.

This loaf was a freehand version.  I do occasionally make it in a loaf pan if I'm planning on keeping it around for more than a single meal.  From the loaf pan, the best thing is to slice it and make grilled cheese sandwiches with it.  Especially with mozzarella and perhaps a slice or two of pepperoni.

OK - who's hungry!?

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