Thursday, February 17


Well readers, tonight you will discover I am not a single minded glutton. It is not "all food - all the time" on my channel.  As much as I originally thought it would be, I just have to deviate from my carefully-constructed, well-laid plan.  You will also soon realize, for me, there is no such thing as a plan.  Well-laid or otherwise.

Thursday, February 10

Not Exactly Fudge

Ok - it's not a cookie.  But if you read my last post you'll understand the deviation.  There's going to be plenty more so prepare yourself.

Friday, February 4


Well, I'm taking a few moments to evaluate the original idea behind this project.  Books and baking three times a week just isn't working.  Doesn't seem like I get much done if I'm at home and have children to tend to.