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Well readers, tonight you will discover I am not a single minded glutton. It is not "all food - all the time" on my channel.  As much as I originally thought it would be, I just have to deviate from my carefully-constructed, well-laid plan.  You will also soon realize, for me, there is no such thing as a plan.  Well-laid or otherwise.

Before you worry and wander away from this post, let me assure you this is about creating - and not about Creation-ism - which is something completely different!  You couldn't get me to publicly comment on that - maybe that's saying enough about my opinion anyway.

Things were quiet here for a while.  I felt the need to rethink.  Regroup.  Sometimes, when you start down a path, you don't necessarily know where it's leading.  And while it's scary to not see a destination on the horizon, you know you have to step forward into the darkness anyway.  We're still on this path and are ignoring, or just side-stepping, the little road blocks that appeared.  Perhaps the fork that was blocked was not the path to be taken anyway.

I wanted to quickly mention that since this is my little blog, I will probably spend a great deal of time being a cynic and sharing in the belittlement of things.  I should be clear, however, that my intentions are never to be cruel.  I do believe in the power of truthful criticism and hope that in sharing my true thoughts on things, I will encourage readers to do the same here.  The freedom to be honest allows us to teach, learn and grow.  It's my blog - and I'll cry if I want to -- or cry out, or reach out.  I welcome you all to do the same.

So cynicism aside, I caught myself thinking today, about this word - creation - and decided, what the hell.  What's a blog for anyway?  (The other half of my nature is sort of a "frolic-in-the-rainbow-daisies" kind of girl.)

Sometimes we think that what sets us apart from other animals is our desire to create.  We appreciate intricacy, connectedness, and however we define beauty.  Most of us don't even wonder if birds stand back and admire the work of their nest, or a if a spider basks in the awe of their web sparkling on a dewy morning.  But we know we do.  We notice, and comment and think about these things.  Most of us even want to contribute in whatever way we can to the collection of admire-ables.

Though creation for some is painstakingly difficult.  Finding the time, the resources, or just the plain talent to create what lives and breathes in our heads, our hearts, can drive us utterly mad.  Manifesting an idea, bringing pictures or words or flavors together into something to be enjoyed by the senses - this is the labor of creation.

We're told we all have little pieces to give.  All those Hallmark encouragements to be who you are, follow your heart, reach for your dreams.  There are many people who will never take a single step.  For whatever reason.  Something holds them back, internal or external.  But for those who do, some of us find inspiration in their creations.

There are people succeeding in taking tiny bits of their passion, their love, and wrapping them up in easy to receive packages.  These are their little gifts to the world.  And though they may find criticism along the way, their gift will inspire someone.  It is inevitable, but it is also a two way street.

While a creator may not always be searching for recognition, "a gift can not be given without a receiver".  One of the points of creating is to experience the finished product.  Whether simply for the creator, for one other or for millions.  It is something waiting to stir an emotion or thought.  Maybe it will point you in a direction, or connect you to someone.  Our creations are powerful.

One of the ulterior motives of this entry is to bring together givers and receivers.  I am so thankful to be surrounded with a circle of inspirational people.  Dear friends and acquaintances who have beautifully wrapped their personal passions and are sharing their gifts.  Perhaps one of their gifts is for you.

** Since we're here, a fellow blogger, Andygirl, tends a saucy little blog you may enjoy.  She's convinced that we're ALL crazy (and she's right, you know) and is happy to let you in on her thoughts about anything and everything.  With a monthly raw photo contest, topics galore and even a preview of her Etsy page, there's plenty here to keep you busy.  Girls, check her out.  Boys, proceed with caution.

** Soul sister (no, not Sis-tah), Rachel Schultz, (this girl was my maid of honor in '97!) has been designing intriguing and beautiful jewelry for as long as I can remember.  She has recently started a little blogspot and is still creating as well.  Kudos my dear!

** Jeffrey Pierce, another dear friend and teacher/writer for has just released his first book.  Yes, I said book.  The first in a series of amazing fantasy fiction.  Escaping Destiny can be found in paperback on Amazon and several other sites in other forms.  You can even read the first three chapters online.  You won't be disappointed!

** For the ears, Peter Hollens has recently released his second solo a cappella single and video.  He, again,  tackles every aspect of the song with his own voice leaving me awed every time I watch.  You may recognize Mr. Hollens from The Sing Off which aired on NBC in early December.  He was a founding member of On the Rocks - the male collegiate a cappella group from the University of Oregon, and has been singing around the world since.

I know this is probably not a complete list of all the amazing things going on around me.  If you have something you would like to add, I'll be turning The Links page into a place where I share all my creative juicers.  Please feel free to share any or all of these at your leisure.

Happy giving and receiving!

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