Friday, February 4


Well, I'm taking a few moments to evaluate the original idea behind this project.  Books and baking three times a week just isn't working.  Doesn't seem like I get much done if I'm at home and have children to tend to.

Sticking to the books isn't working for me because many of the recipes are just repeats served up a different way.  And when I find something in the outside world I get distracted and want to do something that isn't in the book.  (i.e. Macarones)  So while I may pull things from the books from time to time, you'll probably find random things tossed in that I've come across in real life or online.

So, I'd like to set a new commitment.  But I'm pretty sure I'm not going to stick to much of anything.  Until I learn how to organize the rest of my life, things are going to stay pretty random.

I made several calls yesterday about the issues with serving cookies to people from a non-licensed kitchen.  Though I am Serv-Safe certified, I have to also be working in a certified kitchen if I'm even asking for people to donate shipping costs.  And I'm sorry, folks, but all the packaging and shipping costs would eat us alive.  So there are fees and inspections involved, which I understand.  Not sure what I'm going to do about the fees part yet.  I may create a donations page and beg all of you to help me pay my fees so I can legally send you cookies.

On a positive note, a baking classmate and friend contacted me this week and asked if I would be available to help out with desserts for a wedding.  I'm so blown away by the idea of working on something like that.  Granted it's not until August, but January flew by in a flash!  It'll be here before we know it and if I know my classmate, we'll probably have ideas galore to discuss before the time comes.

I'm also getting ready to send out a few more invitations to the blog.  I started with close friends and let people trickle in from there.  I'm expanding and trying to increase my readers to add further pressure to my need to be a performing monkey for y'all.  So if this is the first entry you read, Welcome!  =)

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