Monday, March 28

Yawn.... What Month is This?

So it's March.  Or so they tell me.  And nearing the end, too.  Where have I been?
No really, I'm asking myself!

I've been doing a lot of thinking.  Humming and hawing over what to do, where to go and exactly how to get there.  Do you know how much time you can waste "planning"?
(I do!)
I do too much of it.  I think I mentioned something before about being one of those people with Grand Ideas and minute motivation.
("Phenomenal Cosmic Power -- itty bitty living space".)
Not that I don't have motivation, trust me, it's an odd combination of being overwhelmed with that "Grand Picture" and not being able to find a starting point.

So from time to time I have to revert back to some old(er) teachings.  I'm always thankful to my sweet Becky B for introducing me to Mr. Mike Dooley.  One of the things I took from the plethora of information he provides is "leave the Hows to the Universe".  Just go.  Doors will open, paths will be forged and you will find yourself heading in the direction you need to be going.

Some time ago a friend commented that I should be including recipes in my blog.  When I originally intended to be working with the recipes of others from books, I fully expected to be including the recipes.  (I even made a page for them.)  When I took a turn and started including some of my own works, I was also being encouraged not to share special secret recipes.  With the idea that I would at some point be baking for the masses it made sense to hold my treasures close.

What was that I said about starting down a path and not necessarily knowing where it's leading?  Sometimes when you have preconceived ideas about where you think you may be headed you find yourself disoriented and grasping at anything familiar when the terrain starts to change.  My original ideas of baking for the world or publishing a recipe book have been met with many questions - most of which have no answers.  Leaving each to become a brick in an impassable wall.  I recently discovered that each of those questions is a "How".  If I'm leaving the "Hows" to the Universe, I can hand the wall over and it no longer stands in my path.

I know, this is a lot of hooey to read just to get to the point.

I admit that even before the comment my gut was to share a few of the entries in my secret recipe journal.  My true nature is to share without much forethought.  I'll beat a few of you to the punch and even say you could swap out the word "share" there for just about any other word -- act, speak, spend, etc.  But didn't I just say I get caught up in the planning?  Yep - welcome to my paradox!  Anything that requires focused energy gets lost in the planning.  Anything else is subject to my whimsical spontaneity.

But back to the topic - recipes - and the sharing of...

I am dedicating April to recreating a few of our favorites and posting pictures, walk throughs, and yes, the recipes to go with them.  The logic here?  You can't get something for nothing.  (Duh, right?)  What do I want most of all?  Happy readers.  (A growing base of happy readers!)  It only makes sense to give something special to those who make their way to these pages.  A reason to come - or to come back!  I may enjoy typing my thoughts out and re-reading them to myself again and again, but I realize not everyone is quite as amused with my mind or sense of humor as I am.

I hope you will join me to see where this fork leads!

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