Wednesday, April 13

K = Krispie Treats

Did I just choose a super cheesy and easy topic for K?  Why yes I did.  I wanted to talk to you about variation.

Have you noticed all these new marshmallow flavors?  Strawberry.  Coconut.  My son even scored some gingerbread flavored mallows around Christmas time.  One of the easiest and fun ways to utilize these flavored confections is to make some flavored rice krispie treats.

One of our favorites was to make a half batch of treats with the strawberry mallows, another half batch with the vanilla mallows and a half batch with cocoa krispies and LAYER THEM!  Just pour the mixtures out into baking sheets and place them on top of each other once they're cool.  Cut into squares and you have yourself a neapolitan krispie treat.  They look cool and get TONS of compliments when you take them to a party.

I haven't tried it yet, but I'm really interested to layer some cocoa krispies with regular mallows and plain krispies with the caramel flavored mallows.  I'm sort of on a caramel kick right now.  I'll let you know how they turn out if I make them soon.

You may find that the flavored mallows may be too strong in flavor.  If you're worried about this, just cut some of the amount of the flavored and add in some regular ones to compensate.  We did this with the strawberry, substituted about a third regular marshmallows, it worked well.  Get creative kids.

Now go eat your cereal!


  1. I wanted to write an intelligent comment but I can't stop drooling... :)

  2. I was hoping for some kiwi inspired cookies ;^)

  3. Next time around, Spenc - I'll look for something in the mean time. =D


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