Saturday, April 16

N = Neapolitan Cookies

This was a tough one.  I've made neapolitan cookies using two different cookies.  The sugar cookie recipe I use works well but I've also used the shortbread mentioned in a previous blog.

I thought I could get away with just writing up an entry for this one, but I'm finding I really want to include pictures and retest the amounts I had written in my journal.

For now, I'll share the sugar cookie recipe I use and love.  It is from the Mrs. Field's Cookie Book.  Somehow it looks like it hadn't made the schedule otherwise.  I'll also tell you how we've flavored the dough in the past.

"Christmas Sugar Cookies"

2 cups flour
1/4 tsp salt
3/4 cups butter (soft)
3/4 cups sugar
1 egg
1 tsp. vanilla

Mix butter until fluffy.
Add sugar, mix.
Add egg, and vanilla, mix.
Add 1 cup flour and salt, mix.
Add final cup flour gradually while mixing until just combined.
Roll out using our favorite "hanger guide" method.
Cut cookies and place on sheets.
Bake 325°F about 13 minutes.
Remove before browning takes place!!
Cool on racks.

For both the sugar and the shortbread we've decided Nesquik is the way to go.  We originally used cocoa powder but found the chocolate to have a bitter result.  Fine for some, but I have to admit I prefer a sweet chocolate.  Using the Nesquik gives you a flavor consistency that I liked.  It's not the best option, but we're baking cookies, sorry, they're not meant to be healthy.  (Not yet anyway.)

I also found that I liked substituting out some of the sugar.  The Nesquik is obviously sweetened and there's no real need for that extra sugar.  The Nesquick plus the sugar ended up equaling the total amount of sugar called for in the recipe.


Stand by for further updates and pictures!

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  1. The shortbread neapolitan cookies you made, are on my list of best cookies ever. I agree that the chocolate was a little bitter but they were still so good they made my favorite cookies list. I'm excited for you to make them with the Nesquick, let me know when this is going to take place and I'll drive down for taste testing ;-)


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