Friday, April 15

M = Messed Up Mochi

A few of you have actually been waiting for this.  That's exciting to me!  But I'm feeling sort of sheepish 'cause when you find out the secret to this one you're gonna smack your forehead.

In my original post, Not Exactly Fudge, I withheld the quantity of the messed up ingredient.
I don't have a long story today.  (You can breathe a sigh of relief!)  I'm just going to tell you how to mess up some fudge.

Use 13oz of marshmallows instead of 7oz. of fluff.

If you take my previous post for Fudge, and make the above "mistake" you will end up with the fluffy, slightly chewy candy "Messed Up Mochi".  Yeah, I'll keep that name for now.  My daughter will be happy to find that out.

I've since learned to pre-melt the marshmallow a bit and I used my mixer to combine instead of trying to work it all in by hand.  That seemed to help a lot too.  Of course, I'm using white chocolate chips for most of these flavors.

Variations included substituting raspberry flavoring for the vanilla.  (I also added a bit of seedless preserves.)  So far my very favorite was simply adding vanilla bean - heavenly!

I think the possibilities are endless with this one.  Between starting with the clean slate of white chocolate chips and regular marshmallows and the flavored marshmallows mentioned in the post about Krispie Treats, seriously -- endless.

Have fun playing kids.  Send me pictures!

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